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"Animal Pockets"- by Hana Hay
Animal Pockets are one of a kind, knit animals that have a pouch inside that you can put your cellphone, nuts, candy, keys, and cards in. On the back is a knit loop to go on your belt.

Hand-made. Each one is a different color and a slightly different animal! A fantastic and affordable gift.

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$12 Animal Pocket

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"Animal Hoods"- by Chelsea Lea
Animal Hoods come in an array of colors and are all different, so there is an element of surprise involved this order! They are super cosy and fun to wear! They are made from recycled materials and do not contain real fur.

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$36 Animal Hoods

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"Villain" Mandolin Bag, by Daisy Pickins
Fits up to 11 inches wide and 27 inches length.

Hand-made. Hand wash only!

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