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Format: CD
Catalog #: OTR009
Release Date: August 20, 2002
Distributed by Secretly Canadian

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Track Listing:

1. I Believe In Outer Space
2. Ginger
3. No Words Allowed
4. People In Cars Don't Face Each Other
5. Winter Takes A Lover


6. Now That You're A Ghost
7. Dream Lover / Squid Suit
8. Quiet Day
9. Dolphin Eyes
10. Peppermint

Download 30 second samples:
I Believe In Outer Space
No Words Allowed

from left to right: Daniel Rickard, Carolyn Berk,
Brent Jones and Jesse Flavin
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Starlit Sunken Ship is the second release by the Lovers, a quiet, intimate indie rock quartet based in Athens, Georgia. The core of the band is composed of Carolyn Berk, Daniel Rickard and Brent Jones with additional musicians appearing on the album. Formed 3 years ago, they have built up a tremendous local following. Now they are branching out to do their first tour of the US this fall in support of this new release.

Berk is a strong songwriter, invoking comparisions to CAT POWER and PATTI SMITH. She writes all of the songs acoustically and then turns to the other members of the band to orchestrate them. Violins, banjos, moogs and wine glasses, as well as other ambient soundscapes such as planes passing by overhead, are all woven seemlessly into the songs. The result is a thick, rich mix.

Their songs are a heady combination of sweetness, honesty and intensity. Nominated for "best up and coming band" for the Flagpole Annual Music Awards in 2001, the Lovers have captured the interest of the Athens Music Scene.

The recordings consist of:
Carolyn Berk - songs, vox, guitar, vibes, banjo, glasses, sounds
Brent Jones - percussion, accordian, trombone, piano, banjo, guitar, vibes
Cassie Lloyd - bass, glasses
Elina Tuhkanen - violin, glasses
Daniel Rickard - banjo, slide guitar
Andy Lemaster - guitar, ebow, moog, shaker

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