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Format: CD
Catalog #: OTR025
Distributed by NAIL

Official website:

Track Listing:

1. perpetual motion, perpetual sound
2. frozen floods
3. saint jude
4. from a highway
5. dead deer


6. the lucky ones who love you
7. my heart never sleeps
8. the sirens sing
9. an army of lovers cannot fail
10. take good care


from left to right: Daniel Rickard, Carolyn Berk,
Brent Jones and Jesse Flavin
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Lovers is excited to announce the completion of their third full-length album, Sleep With Heat.

During the writing and recording of Sleep With Heat , Carolyn Berk lived in Athens, Georgia; Boston, Massachusetts; Portland, Oregon; and the entire expanse of the touring musician's American highway. It is this restlessness, this longing-turned-searching, that is woven into Sleep With Heat 's tales of loneliness and heartache. Broke-down, hungover laments from motel parking lots and frozen foreign cities tell of the emotional labor of perpetual goodbyes, and of the simultaneous enchantment and disenchantment of someone who doesn't stick around long enough to ever get too comfortable in a place. It's fresh-eyed. It's sad-hopeful. It's brave and vulnerable.

Musically, Sleep With Heat finds the band at its best, at times with expansive guitars and gorgeous strings, other times stripped down to the honest-bones sound of a banjo-plucked, Southern front porch. Berk is accompanied by old friends/gifted musicians: Brent Jones (Phosphorescent), Jesse Flavin (Phosphorescent), and Daniel Rickard (Parker and Lily); with guest vocals elegantly delivered by Matthew Houck (Phosphorescent).

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