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The Instruments

Format: CD
Catalog #: OTR010
Release Date: October 1, 2002
Wholesale Distro by:
NAIL / CARGO / IODA (digital)

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Track Listing:

1. Lullaby
2. Song For Thomas
3. Sea Chantey
4. When The Stars Shine
5. Carnival


6. Bird Song
7. Sad Song
8. For A Silent Movie
9. My Ship
10. By And By

Download 30 second samples:
When The Stars Shine
Sea Chantey

left to right: Eric Harris, Laura Carter, Heather McIntosh,
Peter Erchick, Will Hart and John Fernandes
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Billions of Phonographs is the first recording by the Instruments. It is a beautiful and brilliant record with entrancing folk melodies. Heather McIntosh, the band's songwriter, has been a staple of Athens music for years. She has been playing cello since she was very young and earned a degree in music from the University of Georgia. Heather quickly realized school was not enough of an outlet for her talents. She joined a punk band, Year Zero, in which she played bass. That lasted about a year, then she discovered performance art through Medaglia D'oro and Dixie Blood Mustache. She is currently a member of Japancakes, Circulatory System, Great Lakes and Dixie Blood Mustache. She also has played or recorded with bands such as Lil Wayne, Gnarles Barkley, and Of Montreal.

The players on Billions Of Phonographs are:
Heather McIntosh - vocals, cello, guitar
John Fernandes - clarinet, vocal hamonies
Will Hart - drums, vocal harmonies
Peter Erchick - piano, vocal harmonies
Andy Gonzales - guitar
Scott Spillane - mellophone
Katie Bierman - bassoon
Susan McCarrell - flute
Jeff Mangum - vocal harmonies
Laura Carter - clarinet, accordian, vocal harmonies
Eric Harris - theremin, percussion, bells
Julian Koster - singing saw
John D'Azzo - vocal harmonies

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All Photos by Nick Cervini


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