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Darnell Boys - self titled

Format: CD
Catalog # OTR046
Release Date: June. 7, 2013

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Track Listing:

1. You Got The Devil
2. Put That Woman Down
3. Sport Fishin'
4. Can't Be Loved
5. One More Train
6. Ruby


7. Infinite Drought
8. High & Lowdown
9. Strange
10. Hard Times
11.Good Lovin' Woman
12. Bury Me


The Darnell Boys
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As the name implies, The Darnell Boys are a bona fide family band. Siblings Caleb, Gus, and Austin play a steadfastly authentic blend of blues, country and other such traditional sounds, taking cues from legends like Howlin' Wolf, Ray Charles and Otis Redding to create a uniquely soulful sound. At the heart of the music is a shared history that cannot be substituted with any amount of outsider talent.

Austin Darnell on vocals, harmonica, and rhythm guitar; Caleb Darnell on vocals and lead guitar; Gus Darnell on vocals, rhythm guitar, and harmonica sometimes; Elijah Neesmith on bass; Patrick Weise on misc. percussion and singing saw.

Check their website for current show info! www.darnellboys.com

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