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Dark Meat - Universal Indians

Format: CD
Catalog # CLD009
Release Date: Nov. 21, 2006
Distributed by NAIL

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Track Listing:

1. Freedom Ritual
2. Well Fuck You Then
3. Dead Man
4. Birdsong + Footsteps, Flute, Horn
5. Three Eyes Open
6. Angel of Meth


7. One More Trip
8. In The Woods
9. Disintegrating Flowers
10. Assholes for Eyeballs
11. There is a Retard on Acid Holding
      a Hammer to your Brain


Dark Meat
(Click on the photo to download a larger, high-resolution version of it)
Photo By: Laura Carter

DARK MEAT are an Athens ensemble mixing elements of blues, punk rock, psychedelic jams, jazz and Zappa/Beefheart styled explosions. Imagine THE STOOGES meets CRAZY HORSE with killer Stax / Funeral / Marching band horns, wailing gospel-style female backing vocals, ripping guitar leads and free jazz freakouts. Singer/guitarist Jim McHugh and bassist Ben Clack moved to Athens from North Carolina two years ago and met guitarist Kris and drummer Forrest while working together at a downtown restaurant. When second drummer Spirit Bird left town, his chair was filled by cymbal master Jason Robira. The group features a powerful backing vocal ensemble called the Subtweeters (Heather, Page, & Claire) who can rival the vocali ntensity of the earth shaking performances on BIG BROTHER AND THE HOLDING COMPANY's classic LP "Cheap Thrills." The groupís massive horn section led by Charlie (trumpet) and Aaron (trombone) comes across like a Salvation Army mariachi brass band - and with waves of reeds from Jeff, Al, and Becky, the songs become wildly fluid in the exploratory sections. DARK MEATís debut album, ìUniversal Indians,î showcases the wildly eclectic outfit at their full-throttle frenzied best.

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