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Nana Nemo (S/T)

Format: Cassette
Catalog # OTR038
Release Date: Out Now!
Distributed by an Orange Twin Exclusive!

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Track Listing:

1. intro
2. the eagle has landed
3. the mutant kills zombies
4. amino harm
5. split! split!
6. feel that way
7. puberty is theft
8. playground song
9. greasy wombat
10. belated teen angst song


11. tin foil boats
12. how ill-likely
13. round the moon
14. hotel lobby
15. true confessions of a hopeless chickenhead
16. lampon (turn the lamp on)
17. another brick in the wall
18. spay anything
19. turn to the ground
20. good ol' days


Nana Nemo
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Theo Hilton (of Nana Grizol and Defiance Obio text here!!! wheeeeeeewwwww hewwwwwwww!!!! put it in my jacket pocket!

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